Bug (2010)Edit

by Tracy LettsEdit

Summary: This is the story of disillusioned, alienated cocktail waitress Agnes and her involvement with AWOL Gulf War Vet, Peter. Peter soon begins to rant and range about the war in Iraq, UFOs, the Oklahoma City bombings, cult suicides, and then secret government experiment on soldiers. Blurring paranoia with real fears of government conspiracy, the play weaves the themes of love, human need and addiction with the journey of Agnes' slow descent into insanity at the hands of the psychotic Peter. Dark, disturbing and utterly unforgettable.

Production StaffEdit

  • Director: Chip Chalmers
  • Stage Manager:
  • Assistant Stage Manager:
  • Set Designer: Marc Cramer
  • Lighting Designer:
  • Sound Designer:
  • Costume Designers:
  • Set Construction:
  • Lighting Crew:
  • Stage Crew:

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Audition Dates:

Performance Dates: Oct. 9-18 2009

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