Titanc: The Musical (2009)Edit

by Peter StoneEdit

Summary: This musical is set on the ocean liner RMS Titanic which sank on its maiden voyage on April 15, 1912. Barrett is a stoker aboard the Titanic who proposes marriage via telegraph. Murdoch, the ship's officer, contemplates the responsibility of command while Kate McGowan and the Third Class passengers yearn for a better life in America. Chief Steward Etches and the millionaires he serves, exult in the wonders of their world and a Second Class passenger Alice Beane, a hardware store owner's wife, wants more out of life. (Broadway Musical Home)

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Officers & Crew of R.M.S. TitanicEdit

Passengers abroad R.M.S. Titanic: First ClassEdit

Also: Sara De Revere, Sarah George, Jeff Hoh, Tank Spears and Bess Yunek

Second ClassEdit

Also: Wesley Callihan, Neil T. Coker, Chris Frazier, Bobbie Freese, Alex Pollard, Tank Spears, Elyse Wahliquist, Jarrod Brian Zinser

Third ClassEdit

Also: Patty Applegtate, Scott Bergman, Wesley Callhan, Stuart Folland, Chris Frazier, Bobbie Freese, Sean Griffin, David Hearn, Miriam Hillmer, Nick Henn, Kathy Lacher, Marisa Mcinnes-Taylor, Crystal Nelson, Ben Taylor, Elyse Wahlquist, Jordan Weinstien, and PJ Wilford

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Performance Dates: July 10-26, 2009

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